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Peace of mind.

Owing the IRS can cause uncontrollable stress and being frustrated beyond belief.  Wage garnishments bank account levies and liens against your property can be nightmares.  Bad things happen to good people whether a business fails, loss of employment, health setbacks or loss of a loved one. No matter what reversals you might experience these challenges can be resolved by calling Arch Tax Resolution. You will always will be treated with respect and compassion. That’s what we are here for.

Does it matter where you are located?

When you need representation why would you hire someone hundreds or thousands of miles away from you? We are a local firm.  Wouldn’t it be nice to connect a voice with a face? We will meet with you face-to face at our office, or at a location of your choice. We are always available to talk with us by phone, email, text, whatever works best for you. We don’t keep regular office hours. You have access to us that best suits your needs.

Do attorneys or former employees of the IRS who do representation work have an advantage?

No.  Everyone has to follow the same guidelines as set forth by the IRS. The ability to cooperate and communicate is the key to solve your problems

IRS Settlements at a discount (Offer in Compromise)

Think you can’t pay the IRS in full? The Offer in Compromise allows you to pay the IRS a fraction of your balance to totally wipe out your debt. Upon agreeing to your settlement offer all federal tax liens are released. Even though by this time your credit has been greatly harmed we are also experts in helping people rebuild their credit.  We have yet to see anyone offer credit repair services once your IRS problems are behind you.

Protection from IRS Levies

If you ignore the IRS they have a way of getting your attention.  An IRS levy is used to seize other assets you have whether is checking accounts, stocks, bonds, paychecks and other prized possessions like motorcycles, trucks and if you’re on Social Security they can take that too!.

Payroll Tax Protection

Not paying your payroll taxes is the one area will get the IRS attention very quickly. Penalties are quite severe for falling to file and failing to pay. When you add them up it can quickly escalate to almost 75%.

As far as the IRS is concern that money doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the employees. So you are taking money that belongs to someone else.

Failure to abide by the payroll tax laws can put you in the position of having your business shut down and personally be held responsible which can result in what is called the 100% penalty.

If you are currently behind on your payroll taxes it is critical that you get help of a tax professional that understands how the IRS operates and know the ins and outs of tax law. Communication the key and can make the difference of whether you are allowed to stay in business.

Let us help you by evaluating your current situation and find opportunities that give you the best chance of keeping your business.

Don’t delay when behind on payroll taxes, call us today.

Find out what the IRS knows about you.

The IRS knows more about you than you think. It’s always best to let a professional who understates the system to interpret what is there and prevent untimely surprises.

Let us get a copy of your IRS file and help resolve your tax issues past and present.

IRS Relief from Innocent spouse

Don’t be responsible for your spouse past mistakes. But there are certain steps you can take to protect yourself. Take action so you are not a victim.

We can review and help you determine what your options are and file for Innocent Spouse relief when there is a problem

Protection from Wages Garnishments

It is easy to ignore those certified letters because of fear of the unknown. When you receive a notice of Intent to Levy and it’s been over 30 days ago you might find your paycheck a little lighter because the IRRS has taken a lot of your money.  What they leave you won’t pay the rent or house payment, car payment groceries and the credit cards. This type of collection action will continue until paid in full.

Your employer is powerless to stop because they are required by law to withhold a large percentage of your checks. Payment plans negotiated by us are always going to be friendly than any IRS wage garnishment.

If you have a IRS wage garnishment please call to discuss with us today @ 636-397-2759 or 888-490-9744

Protection from IRS Asset Seizures

If you have owed the IRS for some time the most powerful collection agency in the world has the right to seize your home, car and other valuables to pay your debt off. Many times they do not get fair market value but they don’t care. It’s their job to collect as fast as possible. They have the right to take your retirement accounts and even the cash value in your life insurance policies.

Contact us immediately so a plan of action can be put into place that will satisfy the IRS and allow you to get your life back.

Non Filed Returns

Most people aren’t aware that it’s against the law not to file a tax return. Yes it is a criminal offense. Jail time is a real possibility up to one year for each year unfiled.  The IRS has updated there computer systems and after many years of neglect they are catching people thru there flagging program. It’s just a matter of time till they find out. They can file your returns without your permission and you can lose the deductions and allowance that you are entitled to.

Filing returns on your own really serves your best interest and we can help you with that. Once current then a plan of action can be put in place so you don’t have to worry about this again.

The Bankruptcy Alternative

If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy to clear out all your debt and you owe taxes it’s possible that IRS tax debt can be eliminated but there are special rules regarding taxes and bankruptcy.

Contact us before filing bankruptcy to help you determine if bankruptcy is your best option.

Are you stressed about taxes? Call us today or schdule an appointment