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IRS Currently Not Collectible

Currently not collectible status protects you from the IRS, stopping levies, threatening letters and collection enforcement.  It forces the IRS to simply leave you alone without requiring any payment on your end. The IRS will consider your account to be currently...

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IRS Offer in Compromise

1.     You are pretty much broke.   In a compromise, the IRS must be convinced that they will be unable to collect the amount of money you them in the timeframe they have to do it (10 years).  Every $100 that the IRS determines you can pay them results in $6,000...

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Do You Really Owe the IRS?

When you owe back taxes, one of the first things you should do is make sure you really owe the money. The IRS has been known to make mistakes, a lot of mistakes, and the agency is far from foolproof. Contact the IRS or have us do a IRS transcript analysis to determine...

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IRS Takes Passports Away.

Individuals who need passports for imminent travel should contact IRS promptly to resolve tax debt WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service today reiterated its warning that taxpayers may not be able to renew a current passport or obtain a new passport if they owe...

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